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Foundation in Islamic Studies

The Foundation in Islamic Studies program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive foundation in the study of Islam. This program prepares students for further study in Bachelor of Islamic Studies, with a focus on subjects such as Syariah, Usuluddin, Arabic Language, and Tahfiz & Qiraat. Students will gain a deeper understanding of Islamic beliefs, practices, and history through a combination of theoretical and practical coursework. With a strong foundation in Islamic Studies, graduates will be well-equipped to pursue advanced studies and careers in a variety of related fields.

Course Overview

The Foundation in Islamic Studies at UniSHAMS includes core courses in English, Islamic studies, Quranic studies, and information technology. Over the course of three semesters, students will study subjects such as Al-Muhadathah wa Al-Istima, Al-Nahw wa Al-Sarf, Al-Tawhid wa Al-Mantiq, Al-Hadith wa Ulumuh, Al-Tafsir wa Ulum Al-Quran, Al-Adab wa Al-Balaghah, Maharah Al-Kitabah, Al-Halaqah, Al-Fiqh wa Usuluh, as well as improve their English language proficiency. Additionally, students will engage in Quranic memorization (Hifz Al-Quran) and be introduced to information technology. Students will have the opportunity to improve their talents and interpersonal skills through various training programs and activities throughout their studies.

Entry Requirements

  1. Passed SPM/SPMV with at least five (5) credits in any relevant subjects including Bahasa Melayu; OR

  2. Passed O-Level by getting at least grade C in five (5) subjects related; OR

  3. Other qualifications recognized equivalent and certified by the UniSHAMS Senate and MOHE

Tuition Fees

Approximate Total Fees
(Local Students)
RM 6,255.00
Approximate Total Fees
(International Students)
RM 7,055.00

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