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The design of the UniSHAMS logo symbolizes the aspiration and translation of the vision and mission in honouring the excellence of the world and hereafter through the continuous combination of knowledge and wisdom.

Al Quran

It is the highest source of comprehensive knowledge and serves as a guide, support and guidance for all mankind, it is also the main reference for UniSHAMS in generating excellence and comprehensive development of the ummah, the position of the Al Quran symbol in the middle of the logo symbolizes it as the main source of power which is held by UniSHAMS. It also symbolizes the wisdom, power and greatness of Allah S.W.T.

Dome of the Mosque

Symbolizing UniSHAMS as an Islamic Higher Education Institution and a centre of knowledge to form and produce holistic and professional knowledge with noble character.

Paddy Flower

Symbolizing the fame of the State of Kedah which is known as the Malaysian Paddy Granary and UniSHAMS as an Islamic Higher Education Institution owned by the State Government of Kedah Darul Aman which is known around the world.


Symbolizing the unity, strength, and perseverance of UniSHAMS that defends Islamic Studies in forming a scientific community based on the Islamic faith through the Islamization of science.


Symbolizing UniSHAMS as a premier and global Islamic Higher Education Institution, as well as accepting students from all corners of the world and various groups and walks of life.


Symbolizing power, strength, truth, ability and trust.

Golden Yellow

Symbolizing originality, wisdom, aspirations and ideals.

Sustaining Knowledge Through Wisdom