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    UniSHAMS’ logo is round in shape. There is armour with a picture of Al-Quran and a dome in between a wreath of paddy leaves.

    Symbolises the source of Islamic law and the root of knowledge. UniSHAMS as a respectable Islamic institution of higher learning that disseminates Islamic knowledge.

    Symbolises a religious institution and dissemination of knowledge. UniSHAMS is optimist in creating holistic scholars and noble professionals.

    Paddy leaves wreath
    Symbolises the state of Kedah that is known as the “Rice bowl” of Malaysia in which UniSHAMS is situated.

    Symbolises steadfastness and defence. UniSHAMS is steadfast in guarding Islamic studies and the Islamisation of knowledge.

UniSHAMS LOGO The design of the UniSHAMS logo symbolizes the aspiration and translation of the vision and mission in honouring the excellence of the world and hereafter through the continuous combination...

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  • Editor:

    To produce holistic scholars and noble professionals.

    To be a global Islamic University through integration of knowledge and wisdom.

    Preserving knowledge through wisdom

Mission, Vision, Motto

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Sustaining Knowledge Through Wisdom