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Centre for General Studies

About Centre for General Studies

Director's Foreword

Alhamdulillah, all praise and gratitude to Allah SWT, because of His greatness and grace, the UniSHAMS Center for General Studies website can be developed with the aim of making it a channel for disseminating academic information to all UniSHAMS citizens and the surrounding community.

The Center for General Studies offers general subject courses or better known as UniSHAMS compulsory modules to all students at the Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree levels. Compulsory modules involve components of MQA's compulsory courses.

The offering of subjects in this center can indirectly build students' self-skills through programs and activities designed during the learning process.

The information content provided contains academic information and activities recommended by the Center for General Studies. Activities and courses as well as services to visitors that are recommended can provide added value and facilitate the way to education at the University in line with the goal of making people knowledgeable.

Thank you.



To be a support service center of a high standard in providing academic and professional services to cultivate student excellence and gain benefits in this world and the hereafter.


To produce students who have intellectual skills, Islamic values ​​and soft skills in order to become knowledgeable, moral, skilled, competitive and resilient human beings.



Conduct general courses systematically and in line with the mission and vision of UniSHAMS.


  • Provide lifelong learning infrastructure in the development of knowledge communities (K-Communities).
  • Provide an appropriate curriculum to improve soft skills and ensure the needs of the country's workforce.
  • Provide strategic relationships to strengthen relationships with the outside community.

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