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Division of Student Affairs

  • Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah
    09300 Kuala Ketil

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The Student Affairs Department (BHEP) is an important department in an Institution of Higher Learning (IPT) with the primary role of providing and managing services to students as well as responsible in developing students' personality and potential. The Student Affairs Department is a quality comprehensive service provider to students in the quest to become a catalyst towards the development of students' excellence, credibility and competency through the planning and implementation of a personality development programmes. In providing a conducive learning environment, the aspired students’ excellency must be in the form of a combination of academic excellence, co-curriculum and personality along with the effort in producing quality, balanced, competent and empowered graduates in order to continue developing and applying the concept of continuous learning.

Function of Department
  1. The HEP Department serves as a service centre for students in the aspects of residency, welfare, discipline, health and counseling facilities that are intended to create a conducive campus environment by inculcating, applying and nurturing a harmonious and quality campus life culture.
  2. Implementing disciplinary rules of discipline and high prudence based on the Private Higher Education Institutions Act 1996, Constitution of UniSHAMS and Disciplinary Regulations in force.
  3. Strengthen the roles and responsibilities of the Student Affairs Department in line with the best practices of the local and international higher education industry based on the objectives, mission, vision, aspiration and direction of UniSHAMS. By pledging to customer-friendly concepts, the improvements are underlying by human capital development training. The Department of Student Affairs is open in introducing an improvement event that will drive the continuous improvement of service quality.
  4. Offers a holistic personality development program in the development of well-balanced graduates who are well-versed in Islamic appreciation by emphasizing professionalism, naturing and nurturing patriotism as well as enlisting graduates at high marketability.
  5. Pioneering the efforts of UniSHAMS to maximize returns to stakeholders.

Sustaining Knowledge Through Wisdom