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Centre for Quality Assurance

  • Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah
    09300 Kuala Ketil

  • Tel: 04-415 5092

  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Centre for Quality Assurance (PJK) was established on 24 November 2011. The establishment of PJK is in line with Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) recommendation to ensure that the UniSHAMS Quality Assurance System is more planned and effective. PJK always strives to practice the upright values of leadership, professionalism and integrity to guarantee the University's Academic Quality Assurance System is effective and systematic.

Director's Foreword

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon you.

The Quality Assurance Centre (QAC) was established on 24th November 2011. The establishment of the CBC was in line with MQA's recommendation that Kolej Universiti INSANIAH (INSANIAH) set up the Quality Assurance Division to ensure that INSANIAH Quality Assurance System is more organized and effective.

Insaniah is still young in its stint to bear such an important and great responsibility to coordinate and monitor the INSANIAH Quality Cycle, that the QAC has established a solid foundation by creating two (2) portfolios namely the Teaching and Learning Unit and the ISO Planning and Innovation Unit. To ensure that the University Quality Assurance System is effective as well as improvements are continuously conducted, the QAC always strives to practice the values ​​of Leadership, Professionalism and Integrity (shared values).

In order to improve the Quality Assurance System of INSANIAH, the QAC always strives and commits and makes the QAC mission as an independent entity in charge of evaluating and studying academic programs towards achieving excellence through dissemination, exploration and the process of Islamization of knowledge to cope with current challenges and continue to move forward and become “The Most Preferred University” to study.

Quality Assurance Centre


Responsible and leading the academic quality assurance


To be a centre that evaluates and reviews academic programmes in achieving excellence through the dissemination, exploration and the process of Islamisation of knowledge to face the current challenges.

  1. PJK must draw up an annual academic quality assurance planning plan that meets the requirements of the Ministry of Higher Education (KPT) / Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) and other annual holders in a strategic and comprehensive manner for budget approval.
  2. PJK must wisely manage the academic quality assurance plan based on the annual budget.
  3. PJK must implement academic quality assurance activities that have been approved based on the annual plan creatively and systematically.
  4. PJK should always be sensitive in monitoring academic quality assurance activities in order to always remain relevant to the current situation.
  1. Division of Quality Assurance Documentation (QA) and Quality Management System (QMS)
  2. Division of Academic Internal Audit and Self-Review
  3. Division of Administration, Finance & Asset Management

Sustaining Knowledge Through Wisdom