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  • Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah
    09300 Kuala Ketil

  • Tel :04 415 5000  Fax : 04-415 5038

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The Department of Bursary was established since the establishment of the Islamic Religious Institution in 1995. It was administered by an Administrative Assistant at that time. On 01 June 1996 he was appointed as Treasurer and assisted by two (2) Administrative Assistants. The Treasurer is responsible for administering and maintaining the financial affairs of the University College and is responsible for continuing to report the financial status of the University College to the Financial Controller, namely the Rector and the Board.

Thus the Treasurer has reviewed the main functions at that time to be overhauled in terms of Asset Management, Budget, Procurement, Accounts, Payments, Salaries and Student Accounts.

In line with the development of the Institution's activities, the Department of Bursary has expanded and its functions have increased, including the Management of Vehicle and Housing Loan Funds, Trust Funds and Administration. Once the Institution became a University College in 2006, the existing activities continued to be maintained.

The addition of staff continues to grow in line with the development of the activities of the University College with the increase in staff from three (3) people to twenty four (24) staff at present. The function of the department and the contribution of staff towards strengthening the administration of the University College on an ongoing basis to be more effective and excellent need to be further strengthened from time to time.

  1. Generate income and provide sufficient financial resources to finance the management and development of the university
  2. Determine the financial resources to be spent in accordance with the limits approved by the Top Management of the University as well as in accordance with the acts, policies and financial regulations of the university that have been set;
  3. Account for all financial transactions as provided by the university financial acts, policies and regulations
  4. Provide Financial Management Services to stakeholders

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