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Mengenai OSSC

  • Assalamualaikum WBT.

    It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Sponsorship Unit & One Stop Student Centre (OSSC). All praised to the Almighty Allah for giving us this great opportunity to share the excitement of a small part of the University’s running engine. OSSC driving mission is to provide the best service to our stakeholders by minimizing time, cost and overcoming barriers. We often promote corporate culture in our daily operation and developing smarter ways in handling various tasks.

    Being a nucleus of the University, OSSC comprised of multiple channels of front-counter service deliveries, yet able to stay align with the same directions and goals. We look for people with big hearts and soul to be part of this great team. We need people with passion to serve our customers properly, by putting the smile of satisfaction.

    Insya Allah, OSSC continues to be committed to core values of building on strong foundations to foster a culture of innovation within a dynamic, vital and engaging intellectual environment. With highly distinguished staff, OSSC strive to serve our inquisitive and passionate student in achieving our department mission and vision. In OSSC, “Intelligence & Persistence Serves You The Best”.


    Head of Sponsorship Unit & OSSC
  • The main idea of OSSC is to continuously improve services of INSANIAH University College (INSANIAH). The management team of INSANIAH had identified various services related to student affairs in different sector/division/department, which needed to be revised in assuring best service delivery.

    Over the pass decades, INSANIAH had proven to be one of the state’s prides in Islamic education industry. The strategic development of INSANIAH Main Campus also happens to be the biggest landmark of Kuala Ketil. High investment by the Kedah State Government is hoping to provide brighter and bigger academic opportunity for the local Kedahan.

    Moreover, the management believes that the development pattern of INSANIAH relies more on customer’s satisfaction. As a service provider in education industry, OSSC plays a vital role in determining the changes of the overall development pattern. Thus, OSSC shall be the nucleus of INSANIAH in providing the best service in order to move forward and sustain within today’s competitive industry. After more than twenty years of establishment, it is about time for INSANIAH to transform, growing with bigger dreams and strategies, and penetrating the market.
  • VISI
    OSSC to serve the highest quality customer service that consistently exceeds the expectations of stakeholders by ensuring effective, efficient, and compliant delivery, align with the University’s vision and mission.

    1. To provide professional, accurate and timely advice, assistance and services.
    2. To work collaboratively with other departments, faculties, divisions and units to improve OSSC services and processes.
    3. To encourage students to provide feedback on OSSC and the services and to respond to such feedback in a timely and with the most appropriate manner.
    4. To conduct continuously surveys of students to enable us to improve OSSC services and processes.

    “Intelligence & Persistence Serve You The Best”
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    • Multiple spikes descibes the various departments and services involved in OSSC
    • The combination of the globe and multiple spikes,ilustrates the sun that will enlighten the service of the University.

Kalendar Dan Takwim


Jenis Perkhidmatan

    1. Application for Student Verification Letter
    2. Management of Customer Complaint
    3. Application for Student Card
    4. International Affairs
    5. Application for Withdrawal of Study
    6. Application for Clearance Form
    7. Application for Temporary Identification (for examination only)

    1. Application for Changes the Programme
    2. Application for Course Withdrawal (TD)
    3. Application for Credit Transfer
    4. Application for Credit Transfer (Change Programme)
    5. Application for Course Registration
    6. Application for Clash Course Registration
    7. Application for Special Examination
    8. Application for Partial Transcript/ Temporary Transcript/ Completion of Studies
    9. Application for New Student
    10. Registration for New Student (Undergraduate only)
    11. Application for Duration Study
    12. Application for Defer Semester
    13. Application for Extend Semester
    14. Application for Re-admission

    PTPTN, MARA, Corporate Bank, Zakat
    1. Application for Increment of PTPTN
    2. Application for Withdrawal of PTPTN
    3. Application for Conversion of PTPTN
    4. Application for Changes of Programme
    5. Verification of PTPTN documents
    6. Consultation of credit management flexibilities and other related applications

    1. Application for student sticker (vehicles)
    2. Application for EPF Education Withdrawal
    3. Application for Student Financial Statement (PERKESO, etc)
    4. Tuition fee, Clearance and cash related collection point
    5. Application for refund of Personal Bond/deposi
    6. Application for special approval (course/registration/examination slip)
    7. Adjustment
    1. Permohonan pertukaran program
    2. Permohonan tarik diri (TD)
    3. Permohonan pemindahan kredit
    4. Permohonan pemindahan kredit (Tukar Program)
    5. Permohonan pendaftaran kursus
    6. Permohonan pendaftaran kursus bertindih
    7. Permohonan peperiksaan khas
    8. Permohonan transkrip sebahagian/ Transkrip sementara/Surat pengesahan tamat pengajian
    9. Permohonan pelajar baru
    10. Pendaftaran pelajar baru (Prasiswazah sahaja)
    11. Permohonan surat pengesahan tempoh pengajian
    12. Permohonan tangguh semester
    13. Permohonan tambah semester
    14. Permohonan rayuan kemasukan semula
    1. Permohonan pelekat kenderaan pelajar
    2. Permohonan pengeluaran pendidikan KWSP
    3. Permohonan penyata yuran pelajar
    4. Panduan & cara bayaran tunai &  lain-lain
    5. Permohonan cagaran/lebihan yuran
  • Jenis Permohonan Keterangan
     Permohonan Surat Pengesahan Pelajar
     Untuk pelajar berstatus AKTIF sahaja. Permohonan hendaklah menggunakan BORANG PENGESAHAN PELAJAR
    Surat Pengesahan Pelajar Permohonan untuk menyatakan diri adalah pelajar UniSHAMS .
    Surat Pengesahan & Sokongan
    - Memohon Bantuan
    Permohonan bertujuan memohon
    bantuan/tajaan daripada mana-mana pihak.
    - Tiada Tajaan
    Permohonan bertujuan untuk menyatakan
    pelajar belum pernah mendapat mana-mana
    tajaan/biasiswa dari mana-mana pihak.
    Surat Buka Akaun Bank
    Permohonan untuk membuka Akaun Bank yang
    ● Surat Pengesahan PLKN / Thailand Military
    Permohonan bertujuan untuk memaklum
    kepada pihak PLKN / Thailand Military bahawa
    pelajar sedang mengikuti pengajian di
     Permohonan Kad Matrik Pelajar
     Permohonan hendaklah menggunakan BORANG PERMOHONAN KAD MATRIK.
    Hilang Kad Matrik disebabkan kelalaian sendiri.
    - denda dikenakan RM 15.00 untuk kad & RM
    6.00 untuk Lanyard
    Hilang Kad Matrik disebabkan kes jenayah
    - 1 keping salinan laporan polis
    - 1 keping gambar berukuran passport
    Gambar yang dibenarkan:
    -Memakai baju berkolar
    -Songkok @ tidak bersongkok ( kopiah,lebai @ serban tidak dibenarkan)
    -Tidak dibenarkan memakai baju melayu @ jubah
    Sila simpan resit setelah pembayaran dilakukan.
    Permohonan Berhenti Belajar Permohonan hendaklah menggunakan BORANG PELEPASAN (BORANG BERHENTI BELAJAR).
    Borang ini digunakan untuk pelajar yang sedang belajar tetapi berhajat untuk berhenti dari pengajian di UniSHAMS.
    Permohonan Pelepasan Pelajar Permohonan ini hanya bagi pelajar yang telah bergraduat selepas tamat istiadat konvokesyen sahaja.
    Penyata Pelepasan Pelajar hanya akan dicetak selepas tiada lagi yuran yang tertunggak, selesai urusan peminjaman dan pemulangan jubah dan mengisi borang Kajian Pengesanan Graduan.
    Permohonan Pengenalan Diri Sementara Permohonan hendaklah menggunakan BORANG PERMOHONAN PENGENALAN DIRI SEMENTARA.
    Tujuan borang ini adalah untuk pelajar yang kehilangan Kad Matrik sebelum peperiksaan bermula.
    Borang ini akan dikeluarkan sekali sahaja dalam tempoh peperiksaan semester tersebut berlangsung.
    Pelajar di wajibkan untuk memohon Kad Matrik yang baru sekiranya kad tersebut didapati hilang.
HAL EHWAL AKADEMIK : Hanya menerima & memproses permohonan pelajar di peringkat Asasi,Diploma dan Ijazah Sarjana Muda sahaja. Permohonan pelajar siswazah (Akademik), Sila Rujuk Pusat Pengurusan Siswazah

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Head of Sponsorship Unit (OSSC)
Aras Bawah Bangunan Canselori
Universiti Islam Antarabangsa
Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah
09300 Kuala Ketil
Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia
+6 04 - 415 5102 / 5103 / 5105
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