• The Information Technology Centre, formerly known as the IT Unit, was established on 16 June 1998. At the beginning of its establishment, functioned as a Computer Center that focused more on computing services for staff and students as the use of IT was not so widespread at that time. However, the administration of Information Technology Center covers various aspects such as managing ICT related matters at the Kolej Universiti Insaniah either from software, hardware and infrastructure requirements and even plans for the future of the ICT College of Insaniah.
  • To develop infrastructure and improve the use of latest information and communications technologies by:
    1. Providing an efficient network system throughout the campus
    2. To provide continuous teaching and learning facilities to the latest information and communications technology.
    3. To conduct ongoing research and development of latest system applications.
    4. To create an E-university environment.
    5. To promote the use of information and communication technology by providing ongoing courses and training
  • To be the centre that provides the latest and far-reaching information technology and to provide services to support the education, service and research in building technological, innovative and informative INSANIAH University College (KUIN) residents.
  • To enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of management and education administration through the use of Information Technology
    1. To produce Islamic knowledge and professional skills that embrace Islam.
    2. To develop anummah based on the faith of the Sunnah of the open minded, rational, distant vision, skill and firm belief.
    3. To build a knowledge-based Islamic treasure and disseminate the knowledge for use.
    4. To use information technology in all aspects of learning, research, consulting, publications and other academic activities.
    5. To establish academic relationships internationally.
    6. To produce a generation of righteous with noble character, balanced personality, harmony, and holistically.

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