• Assalamualaikum and peace be upon you.

    The Quality Assurance Centre (QAC) was established on 24th November 2011. The establishment of the CBC was in line with MQA's recommendation that Kolej Universiti INSANIAH (INSANIAH) set up the Quality Assurance Division to ensure that INSANIAH Quality Assurance System is more organized and effective.

    Insaniah is still young in its stint to bear such an important and great responsibility to coordinate and monitor the INSANIAH Quality Cycle, that the QAC has established a solid foundation by creating two (2) portfolios namely the Teaching and Learning Unit and the ISO Planning and Innovation Unit. To ensure that the University Quality Assurance System is effective as well as improvements are continuously conducted, the QAC always strives to practice the values ​​of Leadership, Professionalism and Integrity (shared values).

    In order to improve the Quality Assurance System of INSANIAH, the QAC always strives and commits and makes the QAC mission as an independent entity in charge of evaluating and studying academic programs towards achieving excellence through dissemination, exploration and the process of Islamization of knowledge to cope with current challenges and continue to move forward and become “The Most Preferred University” to study.

    Dr. Hanizan Shaker Hussain
    Quality Assurance Centre
  • To become a University that is always in the protection of Allah S.W.T in its effort to empower the Quality of Education of an international standard.
  • Insaniah will achieve excellence through the dissemination, exploration, and the process of Islamization of knowledge.
  • 1. To improve the University's Continuous Performance Development (CPD) through the development of a comprehensive quality system at the University;

    2. To plan and implement the INSANIAH Quality Management System (SPKI) to ensure that the academic programs of the University are accredited and recognized by relevant parties within and outside the country;

    3. To plan and coordinate all matters relating to the Malaysian Institute of Higher Learning Rating System (SETARA / D SETARA);

    4. To manage and conduct all internal audit quality management and academic activities;

    5. To develop, manage and update documents and database in accordance with the requirements of MQA / COPIA / COPPA / KPT or related agencies within and outside the country;

    6. To ensure that the development of staff and academic members are in line with the requirements of SPKI; and

    7. To carry out relevant duties in accordance with the direction of the University's Senior Management from time to time.


    The Quality Assurance Centre serves as a key player in planning and implementing INSANIAH Quality Management System (SPKI) which complies with the Total Quality Management system (TQM).


    There are two units in the Quality Assurance Centre:

    1. Teaching and Learning Unit:

    i. Responsible to plan comprehensively the academic staff training needs to improve their skills in teaching and learning (P & P);
    ii. To prepare a Master Plan (P & P) proposal and budget proposal for academic staff training annually;
    iii. To manage academic programs, seminars, courses and training;
    iv. To review the effect / impact of the exercises implemented and to provide reports to the top management;
    v. To manage and coordinate the research/ studies on the teaching and learning quality (TER); and
    vi. To assist in the development of new academic programs.

    ISO Management & Innovation Unit:

    i. To establish INSANIAH Quality Management System (SPKI);
    ii. To design and manage the implementation plan for SPKI and its documentation at INSANIAH;
    iii. To plan and manage the needs of SETARA, D SETARA and others in collaboration with the Departments, Kulliyyahs, and respective agencies;
    iv. To plan and manage the activities of Internal Quality Audit (site audit, action plan for improvement and etc);
    v. To manage and coordinate the external audit (certification, supervision, and other audits);
    vi. To manage the implementation of quality improvement activities through the coordination of the Quality Improvement Project (QIP) for continuous improvement; and
    vii. To manage and coordinate customer satisfaction surveys (internal and external).
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