• The Deputy Rector of Management, Finance and Student Affairs (TR HEP) helps the Rector to carry out the responsibility of managing, coordinating and monitoring all matters relating to management, finance, and student affairs. Therefore, the head of all department directors under TR HEP, requires cooperation from the head of unit to continue to maintain the quality of management, finance and KUIN’s student affairs. Specifically, TR HEP’s primary responsibility is to assist the Rector in terms of management, finance, and student affairs.
    • • Development of Syakhsiyyah and Student Association
    • Administration, Discipline, Sports & Welfare
    • Counseling, Career Guidance & Motivation
    • Student Resident/ Hostel
    • Sports
    • University Community Transformation
    • Industrial Marketability and Training
    • Alumni and Graduate Quest Studies
    • Human Resource Management
    • Human Capital Development
    • Administration and Governance
    • The Law
    • Payment Division
    • Account Division
    • Division of Procurement Management
    • Division of Asset Management
    • Revenue Division
    • One Stop Student Centre (OSSC)
    • Services and Maintenance
    • Planning and Development
    • Administration and Finance
    • Safety and Traffic Units
  • Becoming a universally protected university by Allah S.W.T in efforts to empower the quality of worldwide education.
  • Achieving excellence through the dissemination, exploration, and process of Islamisation.
    • To produce Islamic knowledge groups and professional skills who exercise Islam.
    • To develop the ummah based on the faith of Ahlussunnah Wal Jamaah of open minded, rational, distant vision, skillful, and firm belief.
    • To build Islamic-based knowledge treasures and disseminate the knowledge for practice.
    • To use information technology in all aspects of learning, research, consulting, publications, and other academic activities.
    • To establish international academic relations.
    • To produce a generation of cautious, noble character, balanced personality, harmonious, and holistic.

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