• The Deputy Rector’s (Academic and International) office assists the Rector for the responsibility of managing, coordinating and monitoring all academic-related matters. Therefore, as head of all Dean of Kulliyyah, TR HEA & P, the KolejUniversiti INSANIAH (KUIN) requires the cooperation of all deans and other departments as well as academic units to maintain KUIN's academic quality. In particular, the main responsibility of the Deputy Rector’s (Academic & International) Office is to oversee the administration and administration of academic matters for the Foundation, Diploma, Bachelor's Degree, Masters and Doctorate programmes including:
    • Students intake and admission
    • Students intake and admission
    • Implementation of the academic calendar
    • Plan, coordinate and monitor matters pertaining to teaching and learning, class schedules, and course registration
    • Stimulate a conducive and organized learning atmosphere
    • Plan and maintain academic staff with experience and credibility
    • Monitor the career development of academic staff
    • Exam Process
    • Processing decision evaluation
    • Student convocation
    • Academic Development includes planning and coordinating the development of new programmes and enhancement of existing curricular
    • Promotion of academic and research programmes
    • Other administrative related tasks directed by the Rector
  • The main role of the Deputy Rector (Academic and International) Office is to ensure that the quality and development of the academic programmes available in KUIN are implemented smoothly and effectively. This office is also responsible for monitoring overall academic issues, including examinations, submission and drafting of examinations and decision recognition, as well as admission of students to foundation programmes, undergraduate degrees, and postgraduate degrees. This office also manages student convocation and other degree awards including doctoral degrees. This role is in line with KUIN's vision of "empowering international quality education". Hence, the main role of the Deputy Rector (Academic and International) office is to ensure the quality of learning and development of academic programmes that are marketable and future driven. In short, the programmes required by the market in the country,(and abroad) are currently and in the future. Existing programmes will be constantly refreshed with the industry's added value and the "stake holders". The office is also responsible for monitoring overall academic issues including:
    • Maintaining sufficient and competent academic staff.
    • Improving the atmosphere of organised learning.
    • Generate better curricular or at least comparable to other reputable Private Institutions of Higher Learning (IPTS). Quality co-curriculum is not only recognized by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA), but also increases the market value of the graduates,
    • Enhance the image of this university as an institution that issues graduates of high quality and academic ability to be community leaders,
    • Stimulate more students to enroll in KUIN with pride.

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