• Rector's office is the driving force of the administration of UniSHAMS. Hence, it generally functions as the Chief Executive Officer and Head of Services responsible for ensuring that all plans, programmes and policies are successfully implemented in line with the objectives, mission and vision of the university.
    Work in presiding over the upper-level meetings and committees of the University such as the Supreme Management Committee Meetings, Senate Meeting, Voting Committee Meetings, Study Leave and Promotion, Academic Planning and Development Committees, Remittance Committee to Permanent Campus, Board of Directors and Members of Meetings And Meetings Committee Services, Members of the Financial and Development Committee Meeting and members of a number of state-level committees meetings.
    Subject to the provisions of the Constitution of UniSHAMS(Private Higher Education Institutions Act 1996), the Rector shall exercise general oversight of all arrangements pertaining to the teaching, research, finance, administration, welfare and discipline within the University, and may carry out any the other powers conferred upon him by this Constitution, and any statute, rules and regulations.

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