• Welcome to Kulliyyah of Arabic Language portal. I thank Allah S.W.T for the opportunity to give a welcome greeting in this page.

    Kulliyyah of Arabic Language KUIN was founded in line with the establishment of Islamic Institute of Kedah DarulAman (INSANIAH) in 1996. At that time, INSANIAH only offered diploma programmes and a 3 + 1 Bachelor of Arabic Language degree programme which was a twinning program with Al-Azhar University of Egypt until 2007. However, starting 2004, this kulliyyah offers the Bachelor of Arabic Language with Honors which has been fully accreditedby the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

    Alhamdulillah for His Grace, now Kulliyyah of Arabic Language has been matched upwith other kulliyyah when the MQA has agreed and permitted this kulliyyah to carry out two additional programmes of master’s degree and doctoral degree of Arabic language with the approval of the MQA: PA 9803 dated 24 August 2009, and divided into Reference No. PA 9861 (Master of Arabic Language) and PA 9862 (Doctor of Philosophy in Arabic Language).

    Therefore, we want to invite you to explore the academic programmes offered in the upcoming academic session. Kulliyyahof Arabic Language has many lecturers who come from Arab countries like Egypt, Sudan and Jordan with extensive experience in supervising the thesis of Master’s Degree and DoctoralDegree programmes.

    You can continue to browse this page to learn more about kulliyyah, academic staff and opportunities we offer in academic, research, publications, consultancy and community services. I hope this website can help all interested partiesto obtain clear and accurate information.

    My gratitude to all those involved in the preparation of this website and hope that it will continue to be dynamic, consistent with the objectives of KolejUniversiti INSANIAH in general and Kulliyyah of Arabic Language respectively.


    Dean of Kulliyyah of Arabic Language
  • Upkeep the objectives of KolejUniversiti INSANIAH as a world class Islamic higher education institution and offer balanced education to produce graduates and intellects that are capable to play the role as knowledgeable, practicing and devout scholars.The Kulliyyah of Arabic programme is expected to produce a highly-educated Muslim intellect with well-established Islamic practice, especially in the field of Arabic literature, the use of language and its approaches.They are also expected to be the leaders of future generationswho are able to play the role of educators, missionaries, Islamic scholars, managers, and efficient entrepreneurs’administrators in line with the needs of national development.This effort is to respond to the challenges of the new millennium to produce a generation that has the power of knowledge,competentand true commitment based on Islamic principles.
    • To offer a balanced education programmes to produce graduates and intellectuals that are capable to play the role as scholarly and knowledgeable Islamic professionals, practitioners and devotees.
    • To help in developing knowledgeable ummah and practice Islamic teachings based on aqeedah of SunnahWalJamaah members.
    • To conduct researches and consultations for the development of Islamic science and humanity in the interests of the ummah.
    • To build a knowledge-based Islamic treasure and spread the knowledge for the benefit of the society.
    • To use the information and communication technology (ICT) along with the latest technology in all aspects of learning, research, consultation, publication and other academic activities.
  • Making KUIN as an international university of North Malaysia. To produce research that is able to deal with Arabic language issues and literature in the globalization era.
  • Creating international research of Arabic language and literature in generating knowledge in all fields.
  • Producing a generation that loves the Quran and is knowledgeable and practicing to utilize the knowledge to the society and become qudwahhasanah.

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