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Frequently Asked Questions: Information Technology


  • How to use UniSHAMS UniWiFi service (students)?

    Please refer student portal.

LCD Projector

  • What should I do if there is a problem or damage to the LCD projector in the classroom/meeting room?

    Please contact and inform the Development & Maintenance Division for immediate assistance.

IT Complaint (Technical)

  • Which channel should I use to make an IT-related complaint?

    Please visit and click on "Submit a ticket".

Computer Lab Facilities

  • Are students allowed to use the computer lab?

    Yes, during classes or practical with the presence of lecturers only. If you want to organize activities involving the use of computer labs, students can make a formal application to the Information Technology Division through kulliyyah or academic centres.

Official Email for Students

  • Are students given an official UniSHAMS email?

    Students will receive an official UniSHAMS email starting 2022.

Personal WiFi Installation

  • Are UniSHAMS residents allowed to install private Wi-Fi to use UniSHAMS internet services?

    Not allowed. All private WiFi installations are illegal installations. Any installation must be requested for permission from the Information Technology Division.

IT Equipment

  • How do I borrow IT equipment from the Information Technology Division?

    Fill in the loan information on the Equipment Loan Form (Form BTM03) and send it to the Information Technology Division Office.
    REMINDER: Applications must be received by the Information Technology Division at least THREE (3) working days before the IT equipment will be taken.

  • Can UniSHAMS staff purchase IT equipment and make a claim for the purchase?

    Purchase of IT equipment by UniSHAMS staff can only be claimed if approved by the Information Technology Division (Example: The IT equipment to be purchased does not exist in the records of the Information Technology Division or is out of stock).

Google Meet

  • How many participants can join Google Meet using UniSHAMS official email?

    Google Meet which uses UniSHAMS official email allows 100 participants to join an online meeting at a time and has no time limit.

  • Can a Google Meet recording be made if the host uses the official UniSHAMS email?

    Yes. Recordings can be made and will be emailed to the host's email.

Applying for Data

  • How do I apply for staff or student data?

    The following departments are involved:

    • Academic data (undergraduate) - Academic Management Centre
    • Academic data (postgraduate) - Centre for Postgraduate Studies & Research
    • UniSHAMS staff data - Human Resources Division
    • UniSHAMS student data - Student Affairs Division
    • Financial data - Bursary

    If there are data requested cannot be generated by the departments listed above, the following departments will refer to the Information Technology Division.