• Thanks and praises to the Almighty Allah S.W.T for His indefinite love, mercy and grace. Peace and blessing up on or beloved prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) his family and his companions

    The objective of PRMC is to develop treasure of knowledge based on Islam and to spread it to be benefitted, as well as using information of technology in all learning aspect, research, negotiation, publication and others academic activities.

  • to develop INSANIAH as a dynamic research centre and to provide a high quality and highly innovative teaching which stimulate and guide students towards become leader and scholar in the future.
  • PPSP has a mission to join together all academician and administrator towards:
    • 1- Maximizing the opportunity of gaining funds for researches in INSANIAH;
    • 2- Developing and supporting research projects;
    • 3- Boosting formation of researchers of various disciplines in INSANIAH to shareresources and facilities;
    • 4- Providing research education in INSANIAH;
    • 5- Providing information and supports to important parties in INSANIAH and in community;
    • 6- Setting supporting activity related topostgraduate learning;
    • 7- Providing services for postgraduate students;
    • 8- Highlighting postgraduate issues in university and in community.
    • 1- To produce Islamic knowledgeable and professional skilled group that appreciate Islam;
    • 2- To develop Ummah that are open-minded, rational, having vision, skillful and having strong confident, based on Ahlussunnah wal jamaah’s faith,;
    • 3- To build treasures of knowledge based on Islam and spread the knowledge to be benefit;
    • 4- To use information of technology in all learning aspect, research, negotiation, publication and others academic activity;
    • 5- Establishing academic relation at the international level;
    • 6- To produce generation that has piety, virtuous, balanced personality, harmonious and holistic.
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Muat Turun Borang

General Form/Borang Am/ الاستمارات الأساسية

Mixed Mode & Coursework/Mod Campuran & Kursus / استمارات الدراسة

Research/Penyelidikan/ استمارات إجراء البحث

  1. PPS11 : Borang Penukaran Penyelia/Pelantikan Penyelia , Change of Supervisor / Appointment of Supervisor Form استمارة تغيير المشرف / تعيين المشرف
  2. PPS12 : Borang Perubahan Topik/Tukar Kawasan Penyelidikan/Pertukaran Program , Change of Topic/Change of Research Area/Change of Programme Form, استمارة تغيير عنوان البحث / تغيير مجال البحث
  3. PPS13 : Borang Cadangan Penilaian Penyelidikan Sarjana atau PhD / Recommendation of Evaluation Panel For Research Proposal Defense of Master or PhD form استمارة تقديم البحث للمناقشة قبل الأخيرة
  4. PPS14 : Borang Rubrik Penyelidikan / Research Rubric Form استمارة تقدم الطالب في البحث
  5. PPS15 : Borang Permohonan Disertasi & Kertas Kerja / Application for Dissertation & Project Paper Form استمارة إجراء الرسالة / البحث التكميلي
  6. PPS16 : Borang Pertemuan Calon Dengan Penyelia / Candidate Of Master/PhD Meeting With Supervisor Form/ استمارة مقابلة الطالب مع المشرف
  7. PPS17 : Borang Laporan Kemajuan / Progress Report Form استمارة تقدم الطالب في البحث
  8. PPS18 : Borang Notis Hantar Tesis / Thesis Submission Notice form استمارة تعيين المقيمين للمناقشة النهائية
  9. PPS19 : Borang Hantar Tesis (5 salinan) / Thesis Submission Form (5 Copies)/ استمارة تسليم الأطروحة للمناقشة النهائية
  10. PPS20 : Borang Indek Kesamaan / Similarity Index Form استمارة تشابه البحث مع بحوث أخرى
  11. PPS21 : Borang Penerbitan / Publication Form استمارة البحوث المنشورة
  12. PPS22 : Borang Cadangan Penyelidikan / Intent to Submit Research Proposal Form استمارة تقييم البحث
  13. PPS23 : Borang Laporan Penilai Viva Voce Sarjana PhD / Evaluation Report Viva Voce of Masters PhD Form تقرير تقييم رسالة الماجستير أو الدكتوراه
  14. PPS24 : Borang Penilaian Tesis / Recommendation of Thesis Evaluation Form استمارة التوصية بنتيجة المناقشة الأخيرة لرسالة الدكتوراه
  15. PPS25 : Borang Laporan Penilaian Penyelidikan Cadangan Pertahanan Sarjana atau PhD / Evaluation Report for Research Proposal Defense of Master or PhD Form استمارة تقييم البحث قبل تقديمه إلى المقيم الخارجي
  16. PPS26 : Borang Permohonan Kajian Abstrak / Abstract Review Application Form استمارة مراجعة ملخص البحث
  17. PPS27 : Borang Pengesahan Penilaian Tesis / Confirmation Thesis Evaluation Form استمارة تأكيد تقييم الرسالة
  18. PPS28 : Borang Penyerahan Tesis Akhir / Final Thesis Submission Form استمارة تسليم الرسالة مجلدة في صورتها النهائية
  19. PPS29 : Borang Laporan Kolokium 1 – Pembentangan Cadangan Penyelidikan /Evaluation Report Colloquium 1 – Initial Plan
  20. PPS30 : Borang Laporan Kolokium 2 – Kemajuan Keseluruhan Bab/ Evaluation Report Colloquium 2 – Progress All Chapters

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